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Alive once again, and a lot of changes too!

Hey people visiting! It is me, Dizzystorm, Axelthestormer or whatever name i’m currently going by.

I have spent time thinking and creating a big collection of games to play. Hopefully I can do some reviews or videos of my currently owned games.


I am going to start yet ANOTHER blog about my like including gaming, Youtubing and other foodstuffs. Once its set ull link to it in this very post. Remember, dont be trigger-happy in TTT.

EDIT: The new blog is blog is


– Dizzystorm

The Power of the Nexus Force Releases Soon!

theres more then this to look forward too

go to, go to community, go to nexus hq and put in helm, legs or shirt in to the item box

look for coming soon helms like mealstrom helm with lets you through the cloud at the cave

ive done a message board post bout it

and now on with the post anyway i want a cape

Posted Friday, July 22, 2011 in General News by Figmentia


The time has come to unleash the Power of the Nexus Force!

The Power of the Nexus Force is exploding! In the next few weeks, exciting new additions are coming to LEGO Universe, including new Faction Kits, a new leveling system and Capes! This new update packs quite the punch and is sure to help the Nexus Force in the grand battle against the Maelstrom!

New Faction Kits are Coming!

4 new Faction Kits are coming to help the Nexus Force! The Assembly will be premiering the new Inventor Faction Kit, the Paradox will have the new Shinobi Kit, the Sentinels will have the Space Ranger Kit and the Venture League will have the Adventurer Kit! You can expect to see quirky new gadgets, high tech weapons, close combat skills and swashbuckling moves!

Minifigures will now level up!

A new minifigure leveling system is on the way! Minifigures will be able to level up to 40 levels, unlocking cool new equipment and earning exciting new rewards every 5 levels! Leveling your minifigure is a breeze! All you need to do is earn U-Score by completing Missions and Achievements. It’s as easy as that! Existing minifigures need not worry, as we will automatically determine what level your minifigure is based on your current U-Score, and award any leveling rewards you have earned, too! Make sure to link your items before the Power of the Nexus Force releases! If you missed our previous article on leveling, be sure to read it to be prepared for this new update!

Capes: iconic, heroic and available soon!

With Valiant Weapons, Rank 3 Kits and powerful non-Faction sets like the Explorien Bot set, what else could a minifigure need to complete their battle gear? Oh, that’s right. Capes! Just imagine wearing a full Bat Lord set with a bright red cape fluttering in the wind behind you! What a sight!

The Power of the Nexus Force release is exploding with amazing additions! It’s…almost a bit strange, how much preparation the Nexus Force is going through right now. It’s almost as if they are preparing for an epic battle…of arachnid proportions!

Explorers, heed the call. Get ready for the Power of the Nexus Force now!

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300 views/hits

just a short post saying that weve hit 300 views, well its a start

iterview with mads purp by (lucky) ninewells (who i think nearly won the brick giving competition)

there is it

Hello Adventurers!

This week, we have a very special interview for you all. The LEGO Universe Community Team has invited a very talented builder, NineWells, to interview one of our very own Developers, Mads Purup. Mads specializes in the ever important building aspect of LEGO Universe. We hope you enjoy this special Player conducted Developer interview!

Interview with Mads Purup, conducted by NineWells

Hello and welcome LEGO enthusiasts. Builders, battlers, those who do both and those who wish to know more about building in-game using the provided tools and Behaviors, but are unsure of where or how to ask. Here, is the answer. On our very own LEGO forums/message boards.

I am known in-game by many character (Minifigure) names on several Servers but most commonly as NineWells. Today, having been given the opportunity, I will be acting as the voice for our building community and speaking with Build Designer/ Dev (Developer) Mads Purup, one of the many Designers responsible for what goes right, and sometimes wrong, in our building adventures within in-game Properties in LEGO Universe.

Mads, first and foremost, thank you for taking time out of your work schedule to speak, on behalf of the design team, with our Community today.

Q: So Mads, aside from the really cool name, who are you?

A: Thanks! I was born in Denmark and that is where my unusual name is from. When I was just three years old I got my very first LEGO set. It was a little, red tractor with 21 bricks and from that moment I was hooked. As I grew older my brick collection grew larger and larger and soon the tractor turned into intergalactic space stations, thieving pirate ships, mighty castles, Minifigure metropolises and eventually into crazy LEGO MINDSTORMS robots. I never stopped building because I knew that one day I would work for LEGO and help invent new amazing toys. When I was 20 I got the job! And then one day I was asked if I wanted to come to Colorado and work on the biggest LEGO game ever. I didn’t need to think. I just said: “YES! When can I start?”. Now I live in Colorado and work on LEGO Universe. I am a designer by education and a Minifigure by heart.

Q: What is it that you do with the LU design team concerning Properties?

A: Every day I build on my own Property trying out all the different tools you guys get to build with, so I am always thinking about how we can make them better. When I find something I would like to improve, or I hear that you builders in-game would like to see certain things changed, I talk to the programmers about how it can be done. I also work on coming up with brand new ideas on how we can make building more intuitive, and most of all more fun!

Q: Outside of designing and programming Properties, do Developers build or test builds to check limits within Properties that will be released live for Players?

A: We have a dedicated Property tester who spends his whole day building to see if he can break the limits. When that happens, our Build Programmers repair it before it released. We cannot catch everything before a release, and that’s why feedback from the Players is invaluable!

Q: This question is for the Players that like adding security systems to their builds. When a builder creates a second floor and adds a Maelstrom enemy spawn Behavior to a suspended model within that floor, the Maelstrom actually spawns on ground floor. Is this the intention? As we have seen enemies react to clipping in places such as the horsemen at Cavalry Hill (they could be programmed to descend at angles and just appear to be reacting to clipping?)

A: Currently, we are at the first stage of Behaviors. We did not have time to do everything we wanted, but know that we have great plans for Behaviors! It was also important for us to see how you Players actually use Behaviors on your Properties, so we can develop the Behavior system in a direction that makes sense for you!

To the specific questions about enemy spawn Behavior (and let me just express that it is so cool to hear that Behaviors are being pushed to its limits by talented builders out there!), Maelstrom-infected creatures are not that smart, really. But in the future, I’m sure the Maelstrom will learn to navigate vertically, as well as they do horizontally.

Q: Advanced builders like to push the limits of a Property. In your words or possible suggestions to Players, what are the limits in Properties, i.e. amount of models, Behaviors, size, etc. that can be placed or added to keep a Property running smoothly?

A: That is a very good question, and I would love to give you definitive answers, but there are so many factors that play into the limit of current LEGO Universe Properties. However, I have 3 pieces of advice for improving performance on Properties:

1. Cover studs with smooth tiles.
2. Limit your use of transparent bricks. They are ‘expensive’, performance-wise. They do look cool, though…
3. This is a bit harder; If you have many small models, you can benefit from grouping your Models with the Group Tool in Build Mode. If you are doing stuff like for instance a tile floor, grouping will greatly enhance performance on your Property.

Q: This brings us to Behaviors. What causes Behaviors to become a negative experience in builds when Players visit in groups? (clipping and flush models aside as we will get to that point soon)

A: Designing a multiplayer experience can be a challenge, believe me! If a Player is already on your Property, any is halfway through your Property flow, and the another Minifigure decides to drop by, then that is going to create some new challenges for your Property flow. Multiplayer experiences are hard, but it is doable, so see it as a challenge to design that experience well. New multiplayer Behaviors are also on the table, further down the track.

Q: Hinges are excellent ways to create designs and features such as open doors within builds. Along with hinges we have gears, strings and chains in game exactly as we would have with our sets. Any chance of having a hinge grid added to the build mode UI that measures the degree of angles or of making the chains, strings and gears usable in models? Such as programming the 16m or 30m chains to work within the hinge tool to allow the links to become draped.

A: As you might have notice, we actually have something like what you describe in the newest version of LDD – LEGO Digital Designer. It a more advanced hinge tool, involving angles and multiple hinges, and as such covers more of the functions you describe, though not them all. We are currently working on accessing what it would take to make this work on LEGO Universe Properties.

Q: In conclusion, what is the future of Properties and builders in LEGO Universe?

The Maelstrom doesn’t surrender that easily – the future holds more enemies on Properties! Overall, I can say that the build experience will be constantly evolving, with improvements to already existing features and new exciting additions – this is just the beginning for building in LEGO Universe!

Specifically, we are also currently looking at things like larger sized Properties and the ability to place models on your Property with the click of a mouse. We are also working on a system to allow you to fly to any Property from any Property launch pad! For example, if you’re in Forbidden Valley and you want to work on your Avant Grove Property, you can get there simply to going to the Forbidden Valley Property launch pad!

Also, for those who are using Behaviors to bring their properties to life, we are working on some pretty exciting, new Behavior blocks. With these blocks you can add simple logic and use variables to make your property even smarter and more challenging. This can open up a whole different level of fun and creativity with Behaviors and Properties. Of course, we are still working on all of these different ideas (and more!). We can’t say when they will be ready yet, but there is a sneak peek at what the future of Building holds!

To Mads Purup and the Design Team, Programmers, and Moderators of LEGO Universe: please allow me to thank you for your time and efforts on behalf of the entire building community and all the Players of LEGO Universe. LEGO bricks are what inspire Imagination. Building is using those bricks to lay the foundations of what lies within your own Imagination.

– Ninewells

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thats the lucky ninewells for ya


winners of give me competition

so far thee is fizzhas and firebolt12

just a little update

nexus tower first day review

nexus tower is epic!!! sinse im sentinal (in my last post i fegot to say my username is axelthestormer)

i did the factin missions and here are a few tips for nexus tower

tip 1: for water fountins which are in a mission, can help you with a achievement so every you go if theres a water fountin go to it and press shift then you will get it

tip 2: get money so you can go to mr.ree and buy items i whould get the 81,000 coin armor but i only have about 17,000 coins

tip 3: speeders are every were in sentinal base so the stripes on the ground which boost you are included in shortcuts

tip 4: theres a vendor where for the old mission items you can buy so you can buy all the ninja gi there p.s. you need faction tokens ONLY to get them items

theres my tips and get ready to do it

redmon out

alert alert nexus tower early opening omb (oh my bricks)

no new name for blog but heres what lego posted:


Nexus Naomi, here with the latest information, direct from Nexus Tower! I am pleased to report that at the current rate of construction, Nexus Tower is projected to open its doors on June 1st! In just one short week, you will be able to enter the new Faction Headquarters and enjoy all of the exciting new adventures Nexus Tower has to offer!

Meet the legendary Faction Leaders!
Come visit my holostation when you first land in Nexus Tower! I will guide you to meet your legendary Faction Leader for the first time!

Over a dozen new Vendors have set up shop in Nexus Tower!
Be sure to bring all of your coins and Faction Tokens with you to Nexus Tower. Nexus Tower is the place to go for all of your shopping needs with over a dozen new Vendors with exciting new wares like Valiant Weapons!

Vaults and Property Safes!
If you ever find that your Backpack is feeling too heavy, try storing extra items in theVault, located in the Sentinel area.

Faction Pets!
Prove your Faction Loyalty to your Faction Leader to learn the secrets of these long-lost Faction companions!


Nexus Tower is the launching point to Starbase 3001, LEGO Club and Crux Prime! 
Aside from protecting the Imagination Nexus and creating the new Faction Headquarters, Nexus Tower also serves as the new launching point to Starbase 3001, LEGO Club and Crux Prime! Existing launch pads to these worlds have been disassembled and rebuilt inside Nexus Tower.

Dr. Overbuild strongly suggests that before Nexus Tower opens, all Minifigures should reconvene in Nimbus Station, next to Kurt Tussle. That way when Nexus Tower opens, you will be able to fly to Nexus Tower right away!

Dr. Overbuild and the other Faction Leaders have worked very hard to complete Nexus Tower – the largest LEGO structure ever. Now you have the most difficult part: deciding what to do first inside Nexus Tower on June 1st!

Nexus Naomi

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