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Lego universe levels up!

Posted Monday, July 11, 2011 in General News by Figmentia

In the next few weeks a major change will be added to LEGO Universe – Minifigure levels! As you complete Missions and Achievements, your minifigure will increase in level – earning new rewards and abilities. This leveling system will provide minifigures with a smoother game play experience and offers even more minifigure customization!

Leveling in LEGO Universe is a breeze! You won’t need to spend hours upon hours grinding enemies for experience points. All you need to do is earn U-Score points by completing Missions and Achievements! After the new system goes into place, even Daily Missions will count!

Want some examples? To reach level 2, you must earn 35 U-Score. Level 5, will require 390 U-Score, and so on. These numbers are subject to change based on internal testing. Familiarize yourself with your Passport to quickly find and identify Achievements you can complete to level up!

With leveling also comes leveling rewards! At certain milestone levels (like 5, 10, and 15), your minifigure will earn cool prizes, including up to 40 more backpack slots, a rocking owl companion who is happy to perch on your shoulder, a permanent speed boost to your minifigure, and exciting new equipment!

As part of the new leveling system, another big change is coming. All in-game items will have a level requirement. This means that in order to use or buy this item, you must be the specified level first. For example, the Visored Racing Helmet has a level requirement of 20, the Crux Planet Shield has a level requirement of 25, and the Spike Hammer has a level requirement of 30. As you level up, your minifigure will be able to unlock more items, allowing you to customize your minifigure to be exactly how you want it to be!

Concerned about how this change will affect your minifigures? Worry not! All existing minifigures will automatically have their level calculated by their existing U-Score. The U-Scores of existing Achievements and Missions are having their U-Score balanced for this new system – your minifigures will receive credit for every Achievement and Mission they have completed in the past . After the new system goes into place, we will recalculate your existing U-Score and transition you smoothly into the new system.

Any items that have already been linked to your minifigure will not be restricted to the level requirements. This means that if your U-Score places you at level 19, but you already have a linked Spike Hammer from your past level-free life, you can still use your existing linked Spike Hammer with no worries! Remember, you must have the item linked, not just in your backpack or vault – but linked!

Stand by for more breaking news to come! In the meantime, crack open that Passport and start hunting U-Score points like there’s no tomorrow!

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this is good to me bacause i have about 4500 to 5000 u points now and the other post

How to Earn Coins in LEGO Universe: Part Two


Posted Wednesday, July 13, 2011 in General News by Inventrius

Hey again, adventurers!

Last week we released an article listing a few tips on earning coins in LEGO Universe. Here are a few more tricks that are sure to fill your minifigure’s piggy bank before you can say “I’m going to buy everything in Nexus Tower twice!” As in the last article, our averages were taken using minifigures with Rank 3 gear and no Valiant Weapons. Your results may be different!

1. Racing

• Racing is a gamble. If you win, you can take home a decent amount of reward packages filled with coins, cars, and Faction Tokens. There are plenty of reasons to practice your racing skills, though: not only are its Achievement rewards fun and unique, but we also offer plenty of official racing contests, so those who hone their skills could be in line for tons of LEGO sets, high-quality sellable gems, and unique in-game reward items.
• Average coins per hour – 3,000 to 7,000 (depending on placing)

2. Grinding

• Grinding (defeating a mass of enemies repeatedly to stockpile the valuable loot they drop) is the second best way to earn a fortune of coins, items, and Faction Tokens.

• We were surprised to learn that you can actually earn more coins grinding in Avant Gardens than in Forbidden Valley or Gnarled Forest by using a simple tactic: smashing and rebuilding two Stromling Mechs into turrets, then watching as wave after wave of Stomlings get smashed in their wake. It’s a regular coin harvest.
• Average coins per hour – 12,500

• Grinding more difficult enemies, like Apes or Dragons, offers both a higher payoff and a higher risk. The increased chance for rares like parrots, briefcases, or the King’s Crown (all of which can be sold for many a coin) makes it worthwhile – as long as you work with a team.
• Average coins per hour (solo, Forbidden Valley Maelstrom Horsemen) – 9,000
• Average coins per hour (group, Forbidden Valley Maelstrom Horsemen) – 15,500

• Players with low-level gear should grind safe mobs as much as possible until they have their Level 3 Faction Gear set, at which point it will be much safer to attempt grinding tougher mobs.

3. Achievement Hunting

• If you’re not sure on where or how to earn your cash, let your Passport guide you! Find areas where you haven’t unlocked grinding Achievements and grind there. Same goes for minigames, Missions – everything. The Achievement awards you’ll receive will earn you a nice amount of extra coins. It definitely adds up.
o Average coins per hour (hunting Achievements in Gnarled Forest) – 4,500

4. Begging

• There may be a lot of nice minifigures out there, but you shouldn’t take advantage of them by begging for coins! Earn your money by putting in hard work and thinking outside the box and your shiny new Valiant Weapon will mean ten times more once you buy it.
• Average coins per hour – 42

With these economic tips up your sleeves you’re sure to be a richer minifigure in no time. Want to share a coin-earning trick of your own? Do so on the message board!

and ive started a lego universe walkthrough on my youtube page so look while you can