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who won my secret meet me give me compotition

the meet me give me comp is basicly you get viewed here on this site for giving me rare items or 1000 coins to me if you meet my at nexus tower , nimbus station or any non enemy grounds, why trade while fighting you get smashed so thats why if you see me fighting just say ‘lets trade safe’ thn i will go to safest place after i finish off the enemies im fighting the secret winners are:




(remember every week i do this and i wont be on until wednesday this week since my computer is down which i use to do lego universe plus im on storm univers at 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm and 7 pm only every weekend and any other day im only on it at 5 pm and 7 pm same with next thing lol long brackets)

also if you play with me at bons (battle of nimbus station) then you will also get on here and these winners so far are:




there were others but i cant remember them sorry

remember im doing both of them but when i log in a 11 am on wednesday i will be in nimbus plaza going straight to nexus tower so trade with me THERE NOT NIMBUS OK!!! unless im on later then that and sometimes i miss them times remember to donate while you can plus my minifig is poor so i need money for my minifig which lost his rocket by selling it to get items

REMEMBER!!! sentinals rule!!!(if your thinking DUH!! my faction is sentinal its obvious)

heres a video lego made for nexus tower

alert alert nexus tower early opening omb (oh my bricks)

no new name for blog but heres what lego posted:


Nexus Naomi, here with the latest information, direct from Nexus Tower! I am pleased to report that at the current rate of construction, Nexus Tower is projected to open its doors on June 1st! In just one short week, you will be able to enter the new Faction Headquarters and enjoy all of the exciting new adventures Nexus Tower has to offer!

Meet the legendary Faction Leaders!
Come visit my holostation when you first land in Nexus Tower! I will guide you to meet your legendary Faction Leader for the first time!

Over a dozen new Vendors have set up shop in Nexus Tower!
Be sure to bring all of your coins and Faction Tokens with you to Nexus Tower. Nexus Tower is the place to go for all of your shopping needs with over a dozen new Vendors with exciting new wares like Valiant Weapons!

Vaults and Property Safes!
If you ever find that your Backpack is feeling too heavy, try storing extra items in theVault, located in the Sentinel area.

Faction Pets!
Prove your Faction Loyalty to your Faction Leader to learn the secrets of these long-lost Faction companions!


Nexus Tower is the launching point to Starbase 3001, LEGO Club and Crux Prime! 
Aside from protecting the Imagination Nexus and creating the new Faction Headquarters, Nexus Tower also serves as the new launching point to Starbase 3001, LEGO Club and Crux Prime! Existing launch pads to these worlds have been disassembled and rebuilt inside Nexus Tower.

Dr. Overbuild strongly suggests that before Nexus Tower opens, all Minifigures should reconvene in Nimbus Station, next to Kurt Tussle. That way when Nexus Tower opens, you will be able to fly to Nexus Tower right away!

Dr. Overbuild and the other Faction Leaders have worked very hard to complete Nexus Tower – the largest LEGO structure ever. Now you have the most difficult part: deciding what to do first inside Nexus Tower on June 1st!

Nexus Naomi

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new nimbus station out of bounds and updates

updates first were going to stop jobs

no more club penguin and stuff were only doing lego universe now and the name might change

there will be a new poster and now for the out of bounds

you jump on nexus jawbox then you jump onto smallest tree then jump into the trees then go to the fence then you can run any where you want

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