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how to get free items on lego universe e.g. crux prime armor

hi its me again this is how to get free items on lego universe

step 1: go to reprt a proble in game and put in that a item has dissapeared e.g. crux prime armor

step 2: you or your gardian will get a e mail saying that then need more info

step 3: do the question like it really dissapeard by replying

step 4: you will get another e mail saying they will sand one to your mail box in game then go to it in game so now youve


WARNING: if you do it to much it will know that your cheating

p.s. works with any non achivement and non mission things

red dragon island

just saying sorry for the low posting but theres a new island coming and theres a sneek peek where you can earn 4 costumes in it lol so dont just stand there go do it

sorrry the party was canceled

sorry that the minimonos party got canjceled guys but i might get a new one soon ok

nexus tower collecting bricks coming soon

title says all but theres more

dragonclaw chasm coming to forbidden vally soon aswell as

fraction rockets, cars and 3rd type of fraction gear

nimbus isle hopefullly bigger than avant grove

put your pets on a property

make a zoo contest soon coming

we need more people to do catagories

the ones taken are

club penguin by ohnam

and lego by, well i need to do this catagory owning the game and all

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