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Jobs are now open for catergories

The catergories are:

bin weevils

club penguin

exit path

online gaming


wigglinton and wenks thing

there you are

remember you must have a account on these thing and comment why you thing you should do this

P.S. club penguin aprol fools party is now out

UPDATE:ohnam or something like that has taken the club penguin role and im doing lego and lego universe

heres the live thing

such a fast game adder

Ive found another game im now going on cal wiglinton and wenks ok my account is alexstormer or alxthestorm ok ok

new vid ok

hope you like this video i found

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there hope you like it

® sorry video cant come up on site sorry but use the link too see it

® = update

Jobs opening soon!!!

sine there are so many things to do im opening spots for people to post soon if you want too then please comment here

there will be more online games added soon like moshi monsters

P.S. i am having a party on mimimonos at 4:30-5:00PM starting  then ending at 5:30-6:00PM on Wendnesday April 6TH if i got the date wrong its definetly on wendnesday unless that earth hour is then, place is at the stadium on star tiger, my name on it is lego clones, still member fron that free 6 months they gave out before.

P.P.S. ive changed my account name to alex storm

New background

Hope you like my new background just saying =D =l lol

as far is ive got on wimpy wonderland:how to get on the ledge o the school

Here i am posting about a few mins after i just posted

Well you have to move the trash can aka bin for me the small one over to the seesaw on the left you can either jump on top of the bin from there, then jump onto the seesaw other side to get the bin over or jump off the top of the tree, push the bin under the ledge then jump up remember to go into the locker there plus now you can exit out of the front doors

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